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Localyze was created with the goal to enable brands to provide a unified, holistic experience to their customers and employees in a language, tone and sentiment that best resonates with them.

Our contribution to this goal will help brands democratize their information while making it more accessible and relevant. Brands will be more equipped to go into markets than ever. This is a unique time in history since the Indian internet user landscape is shifting drastically.

Here’s how the landscape will look like by 2021

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Our mission

Our aim is to empower brands to communicate with their audience without being restricted by their location or the language they speak.

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Revolutionizing the Transcreator Experience

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Stable, recurring projects

Localyze’s services team smoothes out your project pipeline, offering more predictability for future projects. Since there’s no new technology to learn with each brand, you can focus on doing what you do best.

Fast and fair payment terms

Waiting months for your compensation is unacceptable. We pay transcreators within 15-20 days of project completion.

Advance Your Career

Receive a performance feedback report on each project, immediately after completion, enabling you to grow and fine-tune your transcreation skills.

Collaborate And Get Supported

Work with other transcreators, editors and proofreaders to resolve any issues and get all your questions answered.

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